A Brand’s Boards on Pinterest are intended to be a social channel focused on publishing visually interesting content from around the internet that is in line with the personas of each topic. Similar to building a community on Twitter or Facebook, it is important to understand how your Pinterest community listens and interacts with your channel. Your Brand’s Pinterest account can offer an opportunity to engage in the visual virality the platform thrives on. By adding Boards related to similar interests of the customer, the brand is leveraging this channel with innovation in sight.


When it comes to structuring your boards, consider the following:

Persona Boards

These boards are a way for you to showcase the personality of your brand, if it were a human being. {unless, of of course, you are a human being … then just be yourself} ~grin~

  • Refer to personas of the customer or the Brand for core values
    • Pin items that are inline with the personality that would live that lifestyle
      • fashion
      • food
      • hobbies
Topic Boards

These boards are a way to showcase images relevant to a specific topic such as “food”, “home decor”, “fashion”

  • Showcase images relevant to a specific topic
    • Pin items that add value to the topic
      • how to
      • I did it
      • shop here for …
The jewelry maker

You may imagine the type of customer that would buy a certain piece you recently made. Let’s say it’s for a woman. Who appreciates made in the US. Your board could be titled :: “American Made” or “For the Ladies” or even “Feminine Quality”. Of course, your product(s) will be sprinkled within the board. However, it is equally important to pin other things, such as a blouse {that would look great with the piece} or a handbag she may be likely to purchase or even an outfit she may wear during the weekend.

The Kitchen Tool

Let’s say you manufacture that awesome herb grater. Your boards might look like “Herb Growing 101” with pins from gardeners on how to’s. Or you might have a board “Our Cousins” with pins of other unique & awesome kitchen tools. And of course, capitalize on the many recipes flying around Pinterest by creating boards like “Herbalicious” or “Herbs Showing Off” or even “Herbs :: Cilantro” “Herbs :: Parsley” “Herbs :: Rosemary” … you get the idea.   No matter what kind of structure you use for your boards, be creative. Pinterest is wildly popular due to the ability to bring your own style to the sharing.