April Welch is the mastermind behind Flirting With Social, a boutique social media training firm.

She can be found spending her days unveiling the secrets of social media to marketing decision makers who are ready to find a voice online by using best practices and time management in harmony.

As a confident woman, fireman’s wife, sports mom, loyal friend and horrible cook April uses her superpower of humor to help others each and every day.

A little more …

After working in the organizing field (helping clients deal with their clutter both physically & mentally), April re-tooled her skills and set her sights on the uncharted territory of social media.

She now spends her days advising marketing decision makers on

  • time-saving best practices
  • how or why their consumers make the decisions they do
  • and guiding them through fresh campaign ideas

She loves the power of a good brainstorming session resulting in effective and innovative ways to connect with a client’s social community.

Known for her ability to pull all the swirling pieces together and create a solid plan, she often responds to the title Secret Weapon, Strategy Partner or My Social Media Right Arm.

April Welch Collage

If you’re looking for:

  • Social Media Training and/or Strategy Brainstorming for:
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • FourSquare
      • Online to Offline for Brick & Mortars
    • Facebook Pages & Private Groups
    • Twitter Conversations
  • Blogger & Brand Campaign Training:
    • Mom Industry
    • Hashtag Monitoring
  • Productivity Guidance
    • Effective Systems
      • Goals & Deadlines
        • To Do Lists that get done
        • Overcoming Overwhelm
      • Editorial Calendars
        • Tools

Then get started here: