When it comes to social media, have you ever wondered:

  • How much time should we be spending on this a day?
  • Is there a formula we can follow?
  • What are the best tools of the trade?
  • Are we even doing this right???

Don’t worry! Lots of teams are asking the same questions!

How does Social Media Training for teams work?

Running a social media presence as a team can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing who takes care of what is only the beginning!

Best practices team training sessions work with everyone involved in the “voice” of your brand. Identifying each person’s role, responsibilities and project benchmarks. Putting systems into place that ensure the “right hand” speaks to the “left hand”.

Common Topics during Social Media Training Sessions:
Which social media channels are the best fit for us
How do we identify realistic social media goals
Innovative ideas for campaigns that are inline with your overall strategy
Setting up (or reviewing) an editorial calendar for communication and productivity
Understanding your statistics (Facebook Insights, Twitter Demographic, Pinterest Campaigns etc) and how to apply that to future social media effort decisions
What you can expect:
Below is a “loose” outline, each team requires different elements. There will be conversations leading up to the training and the agenda is tightened up as the date gets closer.

You can expect a best practices training to include (but not limited to):

    • review of social media channels currently in use
      • profile photo(s)
      • bio dialog
      • “hub” link(s) location
    • audit of behavior on each channel
      • messaging
      • customer service voice (timing)
      • engagement
    • planning checklist
      • moving forward as a team
      • time management for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly tasks
      • establishing benchmarks
    • team brainstorming strategy activity
      • who will focus on what channel(s)
      • content curation resources
      • campaign(s) to execute in the coming month(s)/year

What April needs before your time together:

      • social media channel url(s)
      • industry the business is associated with
      • who currently contributes to the social media effort (“one person”, “a staff”, “we don’t monitor our social media”)

Best Practices Social Media On-Site* Training:

Half Day $499

Full Day $799

Note: To ensure your team is prepared be sure to find a pocket of time when minimal interruptions will occur, (3 hrs for a half-day, 6 hrs for a full day).

*Travel charges apply beyond 30 miles from downtown Leavenworth, WA

Ready to find out where you should be flirting with social media?

Schedule the 90 minutes that will change your business life today!

Get Started:

          1. Find a time that works for your team
          2. Schedule your day/time
          3. Watch for the “getting to know your business” email
          4. Fill in as many fields as you can
          5. Have your team ready to go the day of the training!


Enjoy lifetime access to:

          • session notes
          • session video recording (when avail)
          • discussed links
          • templates
          • tools
          • messaging
          • and more


What clients are saying …

Desiree PeeplesApril is a sharp and talented individual with an attitude that gets the job done. She is trustworthy and goes the extra mile to make things happen. I enjoy her ideas and her vision. She is extremely talented and I would love to work with her again very soon!