Training Day(s) are structured specifically for marketing decision makers.

Common workshops:

June '13 -- FB, Instagram &  Hiring Help

“The billboard you can’t pay to be on {the smartphone}”

  • common apps the average consumer is using (overview)
  • how to check your Google listing (and fix it)
  • digital shopping behaviors


“Why Instagram is the next platform businesses need to understand”

  • the modern day word-of-mouth, digital style
  • case studies
  • idea starters


Checking in, what is it & why should brick & mortars care?”

  • what do you mean I already have a social media profile?
  • ways consumers can “check in”
  • diffusing the irritated customer

(that may be costing you business)

FB logo

“How do I (re)connect with my FB fans?”

  • learn “out of the box” ideas for your earned audience
  • tips for improving engagement
  • how to grow your online community with your actual consumers


“Social Media Best Practices Overview”

  • what platforms should I be on (as a business)
  • how often should I be posting things?
  • the efficiency toolbag


What’s the budget for Chamber of Commerce training day(s)?

2015 budgets will be set based on a percentage of ticket sales with a minimum of 10 attendees. {plus travel and expenses}

How many sessions are included in a Chamber of Commerce training day(s)?

Programs can be structured

  • aggressively :: 1 day, 5 sessions
  • moderately :: 2 days, 2 sessions a day
  • relaxed :: 1 day, 3 sessions {2 session minimum}
  • luncheon :: 1 session

Can I ask for a custom program?

You bet! Programs are created based on what each Chamber wants to learn.

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