How does Social Media Training work?

Sessions are

  • Conducted on the phone and/or video
  • 90 minutes in length and are a flat $155.
    • No sales gimmicks.
    • No weird pricing to figure out.
  • Client led, meaning:
    • if you want to learn a specific skill
      • the time is spent training
    • if you want to bounce ideas around on ways to use social media for a marketing campaign
      • the time is spent brainstorming
    • if you want to build and/or connect with your online community
      • time is spent discussing best practices

You choose!

Ready? … Next Steps:

    1. Book a 90 minute phone session with April
    2. Sign the Agreement
  1. Pay for your first session
  2. Register your Private Client Account (PCA)
  3. Collect all your social media questions {especially the ones you think are ‘silly‘}
  4. Rely on the knowledge of your Trainer
  5. Login to your PCA for
    • session notes
    • video(s)
    • discussed links
    • templates
    • tools
    • messaging
    • and more


What clients are saying …

Desiree PeeplesApril is a sharp and talented individual with an attitude that gets the job done. She is trustworthy and goes the extra mile to make things happen. I enjoy her ideas and her vision. She is extremely talented and I would love to work with her again very soon!