If you’re like many small businesses, you’ve probably been using social media to get the word out and get noticed. Most likely you’re maxing out your time trying to keep up running your day-to-day business let alone campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. But now people are telling you not to ignore Snapchat!!?!!

What? Snapchat? That app where people share pictures that disappear?

You’ve just figured out how to use a hashtag and don’t even get me started on the learning curve of Facebook Ads! Now there’s a whole new “Snapchat” language with gibberish words like Geofence and Geo filters…. Sheesh!

Alright, I can see you might need some convincing …

Why should you pay attention to Snapchat for your small business:

Snapchat for Business
These stats in the image above (taken right from their website) are pretty impressive! Think of 173 Million “active” daily users… logging in 18+ times per day… for an average of 30 minutes… creating and exchanging content. Now I got your attention, don’t I?

What does this app mean for small businesses?

Actually, it’s a bit of good news, if you don’t have time to incorporate a new social media channel, you can you bring snapchat into your digital strategy without too much extra work.

You can:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Bring more followers into your circle
  • Actively engage with geofilters (there’s that pesky word again!)
  • Share content, updates, hold contests, offer coupons…

With Snapchat you don’t have to have a “high-maintenance” presence like on other platforms. They actually require it to be less “marketing-ish” and more about lifestyle. Different from Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat brings a sense of urgency for users that businesses can tap into.

They offer affordable options to connect with your audience. Depending on your goals, you can create an ad, build a Geofilter or give your customers (and potential new ones) an opportunity to interact with a sponsored lens.

What does all this mean? Like anything new, a little time invested can go a long way! I always tell my social media students, if you don’t, at the very least, stay up to date with what is happening today, you’ll be left behind tomorrow.

We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg (or the Geofence {{giggle}}) so if this intrigues you and you’d like to delve much deeper, I’ve developed an “on-demand” workshop called Snapchat for Business. As a social media trainer, I’ve condensed the “must need to know” ideas into a video and downloadable workbook that will help you launch into the fascinating Snapchat platform.

Learn more here (in our Social Media School hub)