The Connected Family for Pybus U

The Connected Family
From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, we’re all trying to figure out how to stay connected to our Millennial relatives. Join Wenatchee Valley’s own Social Media Trainer, April Welch, as she shows us what apps are out there (and how to use them on our smartphones!)
In this workshop, April discussed:
  • the best smartphone app for sending videos
  • why Instagram is the best thing since scrapbooking
  • how to speed up your typing on a smartphone screen
and so much more!!!

About the Speaker

April Welch is the mastermind behind Flirting With Social, a boutique social media training firm. She can be found spending her days unveiling the secrets of social media to professionals who are ready to find their voice online by using best practices and time management in harmony. As a confident woman, fireman’s wife, sports mom, loyal friend and horrible cook, April uses her superpower of humor to help others each and every day.