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90 Minute Discovery Session

Perfect for the professional who isn’t quite sure what they need!

This process is a special mix of “dumping your brain” out while April takes avid notes & then watching her put all the swirling pieces together as she hands it back to you in a 30,000 foot view outline!

Session covers:

  • Where your company/brand is on social media
  • What strengths & challenges you need help focusing on first
  • Identifying foundational marketing goals
  • Creating a training plan customized to your specific needs

Once the session is wrapped up watch for an email from April with her extensive notes & necessary resources for moving forward.

Cost: $150

Intake & Overview Package

Social Media Evaluation

The Social Media Evaluation is an audit of your current online reputation, from your website to the use of your social media profiles. You’ll receive a report providing honest feedback including what you’re doing well and recommended next steps based on best practices.

Personas Workshop

Working with your team, we will spend up to 3.5 hours learning about your consumer. First from your online reputation perspective (utilizing the Social Media Evaluation) then from your staff’s perspective. We’ll be answering questions such as, “Who are we (actually) selling to?”, “Where does your Super Fan hang out online?”, “What qualifies a consumer as a VIP?” and so much more!

Social Media Strategy Overview

This Strategy overview uses information gained from knowing who you are online (Social Media Evaluation) and who you’re perfect consumer is (Personas Workshop), to create your M.A.P. (Master Action Plan). Solidifying answers to, “Who will do what?”, “When will it be done?”, “How will we know if it’s working?”.

Cost: $1,500