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Facebook Page Apocalypse?

You’ve seen the headlines, FB Algorithm Change Means Death For Pages!!” ~ now learn what this will actually mean for your FB marketing strategy.

Social Media Goals

It is an awful fact, tragedies are happening every day. Mass shootings, pedestrians being run down by vehicles, bombings & the list goes on…

Social Media Goals

The transition to a new year can be daunting! Wrapping up budgets, year-end reports and still trying to find the time to celebrate… oof!

Nobody's Perfect

It’s that moment when you think, “Wait? What!?!”  And finally, the realization of, “Um, I just made a HUGE mistake.”

Instagram Stories

Are you a visual storytelling powerhouse? You may already be using Instagram in your business, but are you leveraging the value of STORIES yet?

Facebook for Business 101

You’ve seen the headlines “Video is now the KING of content!” Maybe you’ve heard the urban legends “FB Live changed my business overnight!!”

Pinterest for Small Business

Is your small business on Pinterest? Should it be? Join April as she walks you through what it takes to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy!

Snapchat for Business

It’s been a year and so much has changed since the last workshop! Figure out if you need to invest time and energy into this millennial channel yet …

How to Run a Successful Campaign in NCW

Do you wonder, “What makes a social media campaign successful”?  You’re not alone! This workshop will help get you from zero to hero in no time flat!

What the Hashtag?

You see it used all over social media, that little “pound sign”, people call a HASHTAG… but what are the rules? Take a tour of the hashtag universe!